Slabs & Label

Introducing Our Slabs and Labels

Asia Pacific Card Gradings slabs combine crystal-clear optics and the most advanced materials for the best in display and protection of your favourite collectable. An easy-to-read label will be on each slab to provide detailed condition of the cards together with the grade of the card. To add on, the majority of the security features that prevent counterfeiting and tempering is on the label itself to assure consumers that no card will be tampered with. 


 Unique Design and Layouts

With two different colours of labels will be awarded depending on which grade that was given. Color coded label: Black for top two grades, white for the rest, white for remaining levels. Making an easy identification of top grades and premium.

Exclusive Gradient Rainbow 10 will be given once all sub-grades obtains a score of 10.

APCG takes great pride into grading before awarding a grade of Rainbow 10 to a single card, it must have a 50/50 centering, no whitening issue at any corner, no bending of cards and no scratches of the front and back of the card in order for the grade of Rainbow 10 to be given.  


On the back of the label, a unique certification number identifies a card. A QR code enables you to quickly look up a card and its images at